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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  July 21, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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. now at noon, angry residents after spending four days without running water, what some people have been forced to do to get by. the soul survivor, the charges he is expected to face and we are learning about one of his alleged accomplices. and flight 17 now on the move and the course and the discovery of the plane's black
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boxes. good afternoon, i am torii campbell, breaking news, a crash in san mateo county is expected to keep the roads closed for several hours. these are live pictures from highway 84 where the road is closed near grand view drive and a car crashed into a power pole just before 10:00 this morning and that knocked a pole across the roadway. the road is expected to stay closed until 7:30 tonight and that's highway 84 in san mateo county closed until about 7:30 much more on our website and social media. now with all the drought, all californians are supposed to cut back on water use but some are struggling with dealing without any water at
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all. good afternoon, tara. >> reporter: neighbors here are angry and 200 residents off of stone ridge who live in this apartment complex say they have had no water since friday afternoon. management has kept them in the dark about why it has taken so long about repairing a broken water-main. they were scooping water out of the community pool to get their toilets to flush and others have gone to friends' houses to shower and the gym to shower. >> nobody can get into the bathroom and nobody can do anything for the past three days and now they are giving us some port potties. >> i would have expected them to have a bunch of people in red jumpsuits digging things up
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figuring things out since day one and i think they lagged a little bit on it and i think they should have made moves a little sooner. >> reporter: one person said the maintenance worker said they tint want to have a problem over the weekend and so far man and. did not speak with him and the complex could be cited for health and safety codes. they are also offering hotel vouchers and gallons of water but most have already had to buy gallons of water and they are upset because they can't shower, do laundry brush teeth or even cook. >> thank you tara. the former concord elementary school teacher
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involving 1400 students returns to court. martin has pled not guilty and one witness changed her story when she testified that she had seen martin rubbing a boy's chest underneath his shirt during class. and last week's shootout in stockton, the man is set to make his first court appearance. he is eligible for police if convicted. alex martinez was killed following that shootout, and also robbed the seam bank earlier this year. compare that to the dv -- dmv
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and they used the hostages as a human shield and the mother then died during the shootout with police. a mean-year-old is recovering after being shot by a stray bullet. it happened saturday night on 4 4th street. they injured three men in their 20s. this afternoon sheriff's deputies are searching for the person who shot and seriously wounded a mans and
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investigators are piecing together a man was shot several times in the head ,a man in his 30s. another man was woken by the gunshots but was too scared to look and see what happened. >> i don't go out there anymore, when i hear gunshots, and deputies found him a block away from the shooting scene here near st. ann's presbyterian church. investigators are not sure why he was targeted. >> a far as we know, he -- marin county sheriff's deputies spent seven hours investigating the crime scene alex savage news
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k ktvu news. after the. >> russia is backing a resolution calling for it. and they is dress them and as script car darks -- >> reporter: reports say 282 people on the doomed flight are now on the move in rev ridge rated train cars. they are calling vladimir puntin, the pressure to turn over their loved one's remains as soon as possible. >> my son and his girlfriend
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and their baby, they are together again here. they have to be buried together. >> our mediate folk cuss, who are lost. >> they are cooperating with investigation efforts. >> given its influence over the separatists, russia and vladimir puntin in particular, has direct responsibility to compel them to cooperate with the investigation and that's the least that they can do. >> reporter: pro rugs leaders from flight 17, that russian separatists targeted the area, they are denying they ever had the capability to shoot them
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down and i can list all of the means of defense we we have in our position and all of these are capable of only low flying targets. >> reporter: vladimir puntin are forcing russian separate at this times and they gathered for immigrant children being held by federal officials. dozens held banners outside the federal building and they are planning to stop the deportation for the reason weeks. >> democratic parties are pushing for carling them away, but even though this is a
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humanitarian crisis. >> democrat i can leadership tee map and there the a fire fight between the escalating violence in the -- violence in the middle east. and we have a chance to ask the former secretary of state, hillary rodham clinton what is she doing and the number one question she is expected to be asked?
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. secretary of state john kerry left to broker a cease- fire deal. he will be joined by others in cairo sometime today. yesterday was considered the deadliest day yet among the fighting and among them killed was california native match steinberg who served as a sniper. 87 palestinians were also killed in this reason battle and they talked about it
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including fox 5 news sunday. >> israel has accepted a unilateral cease-fire and has accepted the egyptian plan which we also support and it is important to now step up and be reasonable and understand that you accept the cease-fire, you save lives... >> reporter: they have been using tunnels to get into the country and so far they have found 16 tunnels with 43 access points. former secretary of state hillary rodham clinton is in the area today and visiting menlo park headquarters to promote her best selling book, hard choices. she will be starting at 2:30 this afternoon and the former secretary of state will be asked about her presidential run in 2016. in an interview clinton said she does not want to make a
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decision until after she becomes a grandmother. and president barack obama is also headed back, he will be raising money for the democratic party and he will be raising money at a luncheon and democratic leader poll lowszy will -- pelosi will be there. he left last month for a series of fundraisers as well as speeches on jobs. starting today, travelers will be paying more, they charge $5 and any connection which has travelers on the ground counts as a separate flight. they had nonstop the and that
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is find with me. and it will also go towards paying down the federal deficit. people today are not affected and it is only people today that will see the increase. they will begin improvements aimed at better communication to passengers. the transit agency said public address systems will be upgraded in san francisco along with stations and san jose. they found p.a. messages wills help. and they are being blamed on distracted driving. the truck slammed a tree at 4:15 this morning in newark. the driver told police he was reaching for his clipboard when it happened. 10 homes in the area lost power
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and traffic was shot down one neighbor ktvu he fell often of the seat and he lost real. the car band truck driver were taken and drugs and alcohol were not opened and noter bound side was opened several hours ago. fire officials came through and said it likely started as an electrical fire. they were forced out of their homes and quickly spread to the
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at at. >> it was pretty hairy, roof waltz una uninhibittable. and the weather in new york state is providing relief. it is one of the worst fires in the central part of the state and has burned several acres and is still threatening several homes. cooler temperatures today and tomorrow should help fire crews but already and 100 is truly unprecedented . we have had twice as many acres burned already before the fire season even started anna firestorm put us in a position of being
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stretched beyond imagination. >> they are trying to burp about a -- they are trying to burn a quarter acres of land and that's too much already. and it is very stubborn, they are trying to retrieve and burn off and a little more sun but humidity is very high, anywhere from 51%p we had light rain and take your pick, the late line is moving and we had some slight sprinkles and showers san francisco daily city, there is the line, that was from chloe and then right back over towards parts of marin and north of the sonoma
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coast and the mendocino coast but that line is definitely out of here. that line was lit up yesterday and things are beginning to develop rapidly and i would expect more 2:00 and 3:00 and yesterday was absolutely crazy out in the valley. we may see some build ups especially in eastern santa clara valley, you get how much moisture in the air and it's definitely lifting north tonight into tomorrow and low 70s for some and livermore is one of the warmest. 64 and palo alto at 75 and the breeze is picking up, 24 gusts
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at 31, west at oakland and west at novato, even in the south bay, 20-mile-per-hour and due west at livermore, san jose cannot get rid of that breeze, that soughtly pattern, 70 own in ike kind -- ukiah, this is driving up another low west of us and the higher clouds are on their way out. more sun, these are well pillow bash below average and the high will be 68 and it should be
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between 62 and 49. unseasonably mild, ocean temperatures not el ninio and noter west wind, torii in. >> interesting, and it may be a sign of things to tie and it may be a possible listeria contamination, what you need to know if you are headed to the grocery store. yea, let's do that! ikea. professional kitchen services at a low price.
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because your kitchen dreams can be big. ikea has it all. . drifting lower, the intention is focused partly between russia and the downed malaysia plane, earnings are coming through quite nicely and politics trumped dow jones industrial average is above 36 and nasdaq down 3 and s&p 500 also down 3. a nationwide recall is underway for peaches next reasons plumbs sold by trader joe's and other stores. they issued a voluntary recall after they detected traces of listeria constant nation. they were packed july 12th and they can compare with the fda
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photo website under web links and it could be perfect. >> business is booming this year, this weekend fair organizers say attendants was the largest so far this year and official numbers have not been released but they are thinking 50,000 people attended saturday alone. they are noticing the big crowds as well. >> we came last year and it was a little slower. >> and they are crediting it to, the horse race and the rare conditions. you may want to think before you throw away your cell phone.
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we have more on how you can protect yourself from leaving your old e-mails and phone numbers behind. you can follow us on twitter and facebook, thanks for joining us on ktvu channel 2 news, have a great day.
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alex paen: the program you are about to view contains real life mysteries of several missing people. just watching may save their lives. kidnappings... family abductions... runaways... right now, we need your help to locate the many children and adults who are missing. [captioning made possible by telco productions, inc.] alex: thanks for joining us. i'm alex paen. you may not


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